Pink Pearl Genoels-Elderen

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Made in 100% of Pinot Noir grape variety that gives a lot of red fruit flavours and nice structure. It’s been aged on its lees for 24 months which adds more complexity and depthness of more brioche, bread, biscuit, character and nicely enhances the fruit forwarded profile with a vibrant palate. 

Pink Pearl is stored entirely in rust free barrels. At the time of bottling, both yeast and sugar are added, so that the fermentation in the bottle can take place. With this method, carbon monoxide is created. Following the “Méthode Traditionnelle” the wine must then ripen in the bottle together with these additions for at least 24 months.

This boutique winery is one
 of the best Belgian wines producers keeping its production really tiny. This sparkling wine is popular in many 1, 2 and 3 Michelin starred restaurants and now you can enjoy it in your living room at the couch as well.