About Us

Hidden gems for you. Years of observation, passion, and love for wine brought us to the very talented winemakers in the centre of Europe. Surprisingly for everyone, we have started the journey through emerging wine regions based in Poland. A fresh, uplifting and inspiring tale of unique wines that has been created for the last years by Polish families. Thanks to the modern winemaking technologies and climate change Poland has become a perfect place where the magic grows. Here you can find fine examples of classics like Riesling, Chardonnay and Pinot Noir but also a big diversity of styles from delicate whites like Johanniter or Solaris, and charismatic reds like Cabernets Cortis and Dorsa or Marechal Foch. Our wine portfolio is rich in exotic flavours you probably have never experienced before. That’s why we would love to share them with you. 


Adam Michocki